So, what is a copywriter?

A copywriter provides every kind of writing a business could need. Traditionally it focused on writing advertising and sales copy, and had a tendency to scream sales, sales and more sales! It earned copywriters a bogus name of pushy sales people, but believe us when we say that copywriting as a profession has come a long way since its early uses.

In today’s increasingly digital world, it really has come into its own with a greater purpose. Gone are the days of ramming sales at customers. Now it’s about creating trust, authority and long-term customer connections within a brand. Of course, we’re still selling things, just in a more subtle, gentle and carefully strategically persuasive way. It’s become streamlined but smarter.

What you do need to know is that it is 100% necessary for any business today. Used correctly, it really is an incredibly powerful business tool. Something we’re proud to say we can testify to. Free Your Ostrich Ltd has developed a penchant for creating copy that speaks volumes.

If you are wondering why using copywriting services is such a smart move, then have a read of the points we’ve highlighted below. You will be surprised at the scope you can achieve with a good copywriter onboard.

· Experience. We’ve worked on similar jobs, in similar industries. We know what your competitors are doing (or we can find out), what the market wants and what resonates with your target audience

· We’re au fait with online writing. Digital and print writing are two different things. We understand the difference and how to make your content work for either

· We understand SEO. Most online copywriters have some understanding of SEO. We can go far with this, which means we know about keyword placement, the importance of headings, subheadings and content, tags and imagery, etc.

· We understand marketing. Again, most copywriters have a good arsenal of marketing skills up their sleeves. That means we know how and when to create editorial calendars, strategy, branding and relevant content to specific briefs and targets

· We’re a step back from the action. A fresh, third party perspective from an expert eye is invaluable

· We’re good at spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Yes, it’s really important. A poorly written website, brochure or blog post isn’t going to inspire confidence in your business

· We understand readability, engagement and conversion. Online content encompasses all of these, and we know how to work your content to deliver them successfully

· We’re creatives. We’re not just wordsmiths, we can and will come up with new ideas for your blog, marketing strategy and services. We love using our creative magic

· We can handle your social media. If you’ve got an online business, you need social media, and keeping up with it can be time consuming. We can do the legwork to keep it flowing

What sort of things can a copywriter provide, you ask?

· Research

· Writing

· Interview

· Transcribe

· Editing and proofreading

· Project management

· Content planning

· Social media management

· Speeches

· Audits and reports

· Marketing literature

· Adverts

· Branding – taglines, USPs, tone of voice, etc.

· Press releases

· Blog posts

· Website/SEO copy

· Email campaigns

· White papers

· Case studies

If you need help with any form of copywriting Free Your Ostrich Ltd would love to have a chat.

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