Low cost, high impact marketing strategies

Businesses are having to work harder in the face of the current climate’s touch economic challenges, so it pays to get smarter (even spending less in the process) with your marketing strategies.

We often get asked for foundation tips and whilst each business is different with varying degrees of promotional needs, opportunities and challenges, there are some things that will help you cover the basics.

First up, know you audience. We cannot stress this enough. Never think that ‘anyone is your buyer’. Yes, that might be the case in larger companies that target broad markets, but generally speaking you will be covering your own niche. And it’s this niche that for small and medium businesses that gives the most leverage. To attract buyers you need to understand their priorities, what triggers them to make a purchase, their needs and any challenges they might face. If you can get to the bottom of just what drives them and what might put them off you can really shape up your messaging so it resonates and appeals to them. Get to know them and in turn they will get to know you.

You know when you talk about your audience you can also safely say that there is great power in your existing customer base. It can take around up to five times more work to bring in a new customer in comparison to closing a deal with an existing one. Something that can often get overlooked. What we’re saying is that you may think you do not need to do any more once you have a customer but think of the opportunities for repeat business, word of mouth, recommendation, and of course upselling. They may already trust you. So, stay in contact, check they are happy with your product and/or service, and capitalise on opportunity.

If budget is tight, then fret not – you can still benefit from a number of marketing and promotional tools to help you shape your campaigns, assess your data, and communicate successfully. There are many free promotional tools available, some with free trials, and others that offer free basic accounts. If you can scale back cost smartly by using some of these then do so. Design and Content tools include Canva, Recordit and Adobe Spark. For Online ads, try WordStream and Google Keyword Planner. Digital Asset tools that we use include Google Drive and Dropbox. For Social media management, try HubSpot, Hootsuite or BuzzSumo. If you need SEO tools have a look at HubSpot and SemRush. We are faithful to Google Analytics when it comes to Data Reporting and for Video Management Vimeo always shines. Lastly, if you need Event Management tools then EventBrite and Facebook Event Manager are both great options.

Off course, goes without saying to have a good, solid website that showcases who you are, what you offer, and is updated regularly. Same with social media, and this needs to be varied, engaging and current. But have you thought about Blogging? It can really help in generating organic traffic, plus it builds credibility in your sector and positions you as a thought leader. Blogs are easy to create and there are many free website tools online to. help you start up. Even just a once a week with a new blog will help increase your online visibility. We can give you advice on writing techniques or topics ideas, and there are plenty of resources online for new bloggers.

Also, email marketing is a critical part of any marketing you have in place. Often email is the preferred method of communication as people see it as less intrusive. Plus, if you use an email platform -Mailchimp for example – you can monitor and track how many have been received, opened, and whether they have led to website/social media visits, or generated sales. E-mail marketing is an easy, free and scalable way to promote your business.

And finally, don’t forget the impact good word of mouth can have on your sales and credibility. If you provide a good service and/or quality product and invest in communicating with your customers – thanking them for purchases, sending them special offers, checking in with them, etc. you are likely to secure repeat business and word of mouth. They may also be more inclined to give testimonials or leave reviews, all of which are going to help raise your profile. So, check in with them, and keep them happy. Customer Satisfaction Surveys can really help and are easy to create and send out.

Remember, marketing if given extra thought and time, can really deliver, and with low or no cost. It’s about knowing your strengths, the market you are targeting, and how best to reach your customers, smartly, easily, and in a way that will encourage them to engage.
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